Neck pain is a very common condition associated with individuals who are office bound and their job description entrails desk functions and computer work. Poor posture and sedentary lifestyle leads to joint and muscle stiffness and dysfunction. Another common symptom is numbness and tingling sensation down the arm to the fingers.

WHIPLASH is the term describing a range of neck injuries caused by or related to a sudden distortion of the neck in extension (bending backwards)

Symptoms can include: pain and aching of the neck and back, referred pain to the shoulders, sensory disturbance (such as pins and needles) to the arms, and headaches.

Symptoms can appear directly after the injury, but often are not felt until days afterwards. Whiplash can lead to degeneration that shows up many years later. Whiplash if left untreated could cause early spinal degeneration, which is why these injuries are so problematic.

CERVICAL DISC PROLAPSE is a bulging in one or more of the shock absorbers located in the neck, which puts pressure on the adjacent nerve and can result in neck and arm pain, together with numbness or a tingling sensation that may be felt in one or both arms. The pain may range from mild to severe. It is also often associated with muscle spasm.

There is currently a very successful method for treating this type of condition non-surgically using decompression therapy (traction) and Chiropractic Care, as performed by many Chiropractors.

TORTICOLLIS is muscle spasm of the neck, which results in rotation and bending of the neck. The patient is often “stuck” in this position and is unable to move or turn their neck. The cause is largely unknown but can be as a result of poor sleeping posture, or a cold draft. Although very uncomfortable, it is not a serious condition. However the underlying cause should be looked into to prevent it from reoccurring